This is Kommunal, the Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union

Kommunal is Sweden’s largest trade union with more than 500,000 members. We are active at municipal level and in county councils, the Church, cooperatives, private or municipal companies and land management.

Kommunal members take care of the elderly, do lunches for school pupils, and take care of children in preschool. We drive buses, put out fires, sweep chimneys and drive ambulances. We who look after the animals kept in zoos, tend to the green on the golf course and drive combine harvesters in the country’s fields are also members of Kommunal.

We work in the interests of our members

The trade union Kommunal is there to defend the interests of its members on the labour market and in society in general. Kommunal is seeking to ensure good terms of employment and working conditions, a good work environment, and that members are given influence, training and opportunities for development.

International work

Kommunal also has a strong involvement at international level, where we are striving to improve terms and conditions for members and employees in Sweden and employees in other parts of the world. We pursue these activities through different international trade union organisations and in ways such as seeking to influence the decisions made at EU level.

Contact Kommunal

Do you have any queries? Do you need help from Kommunal? Contact us on +46 (0)10 442 7000 or else by email using this form.

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