Temporary job in Sweden/ Tillfälligt jobb i Sverige

Information about working with berry-picking, agriculture, horticulture and other temporary jobs in Sweden. Everyone working in Sweden is entitled to good conditions at work. It does not matter whether you are a Swedish citizen or are just working in Sweden for a short period of time – you are still entitled to be comfortable at work.

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For you to have the best possible conditions, it is important that all employees in Sweden observe the rules of labour law. In Sweden it is, among others, the trade unions that make sure that this happens. They ensure that an employer who has an agreement with the trade union cannot pay a lower wage than that which is in the agreement. It is therefore common for representatives from the trade union to pay a visit to your workplace and help you if you feel that you have a problem.

When you are a member of Kommunal, you can get help ensuring that:

  • Your employer gives you a written certificate of employment containing the necessary details
  • The employer has the necessary personal protective equipment
  • Your employer observes the law on working hours and that you can have your free time
  • Your employer pays your wages at the right time and informs you of other wage benefits
  • Your receive paid holiday or the holiday pay that the employer must give you per hour if you choose not to take a holiday
  • That you receive protection or compensation if you are injured
  • That in certain instances you receive sick pay if you fall ill.

Become a member of Kommunal

You can become a member of Kommunal even if you are working in Sweden for a short time. The fee is SEK 140 per month. If you need help at your workplace, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will help you become a member. Call us on: 010-442 70 00 or apply through our online application form.

Till dig som representerar Kommunal och behöver information på andra språk

Vi har tagit fram en broschyr som riktar sig till den som arbetar i Sverige under en begränsad tid. Broschyren heter ”Dina rättigheter i Sverige” och finns på följande språk: arabiska, engelska, lettiska, litauiska, rumänska, ryska, polska, svenska och thailändska. Nedan hittar du denna broschyr utan inträdesblankett. Broschyren med inträdesblankett finns att beställa i vår materialbeställningsbank Wilma (på Insidan).

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