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Occupations represented by Kommunal

Kommunal organises members into a couple of hundred different occupational groups. We have employers in municipal authorities, county councils and the private sector.

Kommunal members take care of the elderly, do lunches for school pupils and take care of children at preschool and in after-school care. We drive buses, put out fires, sweep chimneys and drive ambulances. We are also the ones who take care of the animals in the zoo, tend to the green on the golf course and drive combine harvesters on our country’s fields. We have sorted the occupations we represent into twelve different sectors.'


Kommunal members working in this sector help people with disabilities. The workplace may be the user’s home, group housing, a day centre, shelter or treatment centre. Some of the titles they have are personal assistant, carer, supported living assistant, support assistant, teaching assistant, attendant, habilitation assistant and companion.

Preschool and School

Members working in the Preschool and School sector include childminders, daycare providers, after-school care providers and classroom assistants. The biggest group is childminders. Many employees work in the municipal sector, but the private sector is growing; examples include parents’ or staff cooperatives and non-profit or religious activities.

Green sector

Kommunal members in the Green sector work in agriculture, on the trotting track and golf course, and in veterinary care. These members are employed by municipal authorities, county councils and companies. Job titles in this sector include relief worker, veterinary nurse/animal keeper, poultry keeper, golf course keeper, groom, machine operator, park keeper, tractor driver, landscape gardener and gardener.

Domestic help

Domestic help covers many different professional tasks which are performed in the homes of other people. The Kommunal members working in this sector do cleaning, childminding, cooking, window cleaning and gardening.

Health and Medical Care

One of the biggest sectors in Kommunal is Health and Medical Care. The job titles of members here include enrolled nurse, carer, paramedic, chiropodist, autopsy technician, sterile processing technician and occupational therapy assistant. The regional authorities and county councils are the biggest employers, but both corporate bodies and private care providers are major employers too. The major entrepreneurs are Capio and Vardaga.

Kitchen and Restaurant

Kommunal members working in the Kitchen and Restaurant sector are chefs/cooks, cold buffet managers, mealtime supervisors and kitchen assistants. The most common workplace is a catering kitchen. These jobs are provided in health care, care for the elderly and schools.

Rescue Services

Kommunal members work in rescue services as full-time firefighters or as reserve firefighters - formerly known as part-time firefighters.

Technical services, property and maintenance

Kommunal members coming under Technical Services, Property and Maintenance do interior and exterior maintenance work on properties and in different facilities. Examples of these jobs include caretaker, cleaner and staff in swimming pool and sports centres.

Technical services, Parks and Facilities

Kommunal members in the Technical Services, Parks and Facilities sector have jobs that include seeing to the functioning of facilities, maintenance of the streets, water and drainage, waste management and cleaning. Examples of the occupations in this sector include street cleaner, environmental technician, recycling attendant, electrician, water and waste water professional, carpenter and plumber. These members are mostly employed by municipal companies or companies procured by the municipality.


The biggest group in this sector is bus drivers. Other occupational groups are tram drivers, workshop assistants, repairers, vehicle servicing staff, cleaners, laundry workers, garage assistants and transport attendants.

Religious communities

The Kommunal members coming under this sector work as churchyard gardeners, churchyard caretakers, crematorium technicians, gardeners, handymen, drivers, machinists, masons, cleaners, day custodians, sextons, matrons, those in charge of children’s activities, and childminders.

Care for the Elderly

Care for the elderly is Kommunal’s biggest sector, in which about one third of its members work. The biggest groups are enrolled nurses and health care assistants.

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