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Become a member

Become a member
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Over 500,000 people are members of Kommunal. Our weight of numbers provides you with a host of benefits. You will be provided with a broad safety net, collected knowledge and the power to create change. Quite simply, you will have greater opportunities to develop, a better grasp of your situation and more security.

Become a member today

More from your working life; more from life in general.

Our experts help you to influence you wage, your work schedule and your work environment.We offer support and tools when you want to develop you skills or find a new job.

  • When you get a new job, we will support you in negotiating wages and terms of employment
  • Support prior to performance and wage evaluations
  • Tools and knowledge to help you influence your workplace
  • Our digital jobseeker tool, Trampolin
  • Member learning courses
  • Personal development through becoming a workplace and/or health and safety representative

A better grasp.

We know your profession and all of the terms, conditions and regulations that affect you. This makes it easy for you to obtain the knowledge you need, whenever you need it. Find out about:

  • Employment terms, such as your rights with regard to shifts, holidays and redundancy
  • When you have the right to permanent employment
  • Your rights in areas such as compensation for unsocial working hours, employer’s wellnesscontributions and workwear
  • What happens if you become ill
  • Your rights when you have children
  • Events in your profession

More security.

Our experts are on hand for you if something unexpected should happen at work. As a member, you also qualify for one of the best insurance packages on the market.

  • Help in negotiations if you face wrongful dismissal
  • Home insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Income insurance (if you are also a member of Kommunal’s unemployment insurance fund)
  • Assistance in making insurance claims
  • Legal assistance if, for example, you suffer a work-related injury or risk losing your sickness pay

Become a member today