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The idea behind trade union association

All trade unions are based on the same principle: co-workers join forces to strengthen their position. If you and your workmates discuss wages and terms of employment on an individual basis, the employer can play you off against each other and give you poorer terms. However, if you agree on what you want, and negotiate as a group, you will acquire a position of strength.

This is why there is Kommunal – and other trade unions

One important task of the trade union is to ensure that your occupation offers you good pay prospects and that you are happy in your workplace. Even if you think that your employer has the right values, it is only ever the trade union that will have your terms and conditions uppermost in mind.

Kommunal is an association which is about you

Your initial contact with Kommunal may be your seeking an answer to a question as to which terms apply in your case, and it is then a good idea to ask an elected representative who has access to your collective agreement and to experts who can tackle more difficult issues.

But the good thing is that Kommunal is an association which will be what you make it! What is it about your job that you want to change? All change begins with you and your workmates. You are the ones who are experts at your job and who have the best suggestions for what could be better. By becoming members of Kommunal you will have created an even bigger group which will help pursue the issues you raise. All members are invited to attend section meetings. A number of workplaces also have clubs. Go along and say what you think!

This is what Kommunal is seeking to achieve

Kommunal is about making every job and every workplace better. The jobs provided should offer security and fair pay, and everyone should be entitled to skills development. The fact that many members have joined Kommunal means we have a voice that cannot be ignored. It means we are out there and have a say in developments. Politicians and white-collar workers at national and municipal level need to listen to what we have to say about social development and how policy affects welfare, which is very much our field.

Contact Kommunal

Do you have any queries? Do you need help from Kommunal? Contact us on +46 (0)10 442 7000 or else by email using this form.